5 bold predictions for the 2024 Chicago Cubs season

Going through the roster and determining five bold predictions we are making for the Chicago Cubs for the upcoming 2024 season.

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers
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5 bold predictions for the 2024 Cubs - 1. Cubs win the NL Central

Above all else, I'm tabbing the Cubs to take the Central Division crown in 2024. After losing Corbin Burnes and Brandon Woodruff, the Milwaukee Brewers' outcome is questionable at best. I see the Pittsburgh Pirates needing more time to be ready to complete. The Cincinnati Reds made a few solid acquisitions and have talent. We'll see how much guys like Elly De La Cruz step forward in his second season. The St. Louis Cardinals added Sonny Gray, who I like, but the addition of Lance Lynn and Kyle Gibson needed to compliment the team's pitching staff better. They now have three pitchers, Miles Mikolas, Lynn, and Gibson, who were in the bottom five of hits allowed by a pitcher last season.

Ultimately, the Cubs control their destiny if their young core steps up and continues to improve. The farm system is now highly touted, but it will need more major league-level production to carry over. I'm looking forward to seeing guys such as Pete Crow-Armstrong adjust. Alexander Canario is still young and has a high upside. Guys like Ben Brown and Cade Horton are on the way. Of course, adding Cody Bellinger back before the regular season starts will be the cherry on top of the Cubs being favored to win the NL Central Division in 2024.

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