5 blockbuster trades the Cubs could, but won't make ahead of the trade deadline

The Cubs could change the entire landscape of power in the National League, but will instead opt for marginal improvements with an eye on 2024 and beyond.
Pittsburgh Pirates v San Diego Padres
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5 blockbuster trades the Cubs won't make: #2- David Bednar

I'm sure the Cubs would love to have David Bednar in their bullpen. But I don't see how this trade would work for a number of reasons. First, and foremost, the Pirates and Cubs aren't likely to hook up on something of this caliber given they're both teams on the rise in the same division.

Chicago has put so much emphasis and so many resources on developing arms internally, unloading blue-chip talent for a reliever, even one as talented as Bednar, doesn't check out for me. Now if the Cubs were in the position a team like the Braves enjoy, with a massive lead in the standings and a guaranteed date with October, maybe it's different.

Remember, the Cubs needed that elite arm back in 2016 and they ponied up to land Aroldis Chapman. But even with multiple years of control left, Bednar doesn't immediately make Chicago a playoff team in 2023. Hoyer isn't coming off his top prospects here, especially when they'd play for an NL Central foe for years to come.