5 blockbuster trades the Cubs could, but won't make ahead of the trade deadline

The Cubs could change the entire landscape of power in the National League, but will instead opt for marginal improvements with an eye on 2024 and beyond.
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5 blockbuster trades the Cubs won't make: #4 - Anthony Rizzo

I get wistfully looking back at the 2016 team. For many generations of Cubs fans, that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But the love affair folks have with guys just because they played on that team drives me nuts: on a daily basis, I hear someone say the Cubs should go out and bring someone back, even when all signs point to that being a bad idea.

Javier Baez, Kris Bryant - the list goes on and on. You can throw Anthony Rizzo on there, as well, although he's certainly outperformed his former teammates since leaving the Cubs. Rizzo got off to a scorching hot start for the Yankees, then went on a two-plus month homerless streak before changing his walkup song to a Taylor Swift track and going off with a 4-for-4 game last week.

Given the Cubs' first base woes and the Yankees sitting in last place in the loaded AL East, some have wondered if New York might sell - which, at least on paper, might make the two teams a logical fit in a deal. But here's the deal: the Yankees aren't trading Rizzo, the Cubs aren't looking for reunions and this just isn't going to happen.