5 biggest X-factors for the Chicago Cubs heading into the 2023 season

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5 biggest X-factors for the Chicago Cubs heading into the 2023 season - Cody Bellinger

I know Doddgers fans have probably been saying this for a couple of years now, but a great Cody Bellinger can legitimately change the Cubs' entire season. Since Bellinger won the MVP in 2019, he has done nothing but struggle mightily at the plate. Yet, we know what he is capable of, and if he can reignite that MVP season in some form, he could change a season.

First of all, that left-handed power is something the Cubs need. Bellinger tweaked his approach and swing this off-season, and it has already looked to pay dividends in Spring Training. Throughout Spring Training, Bellinger hit 3 home runs across 45 ABs.

If you could reignite that spark that is inside of Bellinger it will legitimately change the Cubs' season around. While the Cubs have a ton of great pieces that are making up for a foundational core, they really do not have a star player. If Bellinger can find himself and hit anywhere close to that 47 home runs he once had, the Cubs have a star.

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The Cubs and Bellinger were willing to take a risk on one another this season and are hoping it will pay off for both of their success. Only time will tell but the early signs from Spring Training are positive.