4 White Sox players who could be Cubs trade targets this winter

The South Side is open for business - and the Cubs, along with the rest of the league, will surely at least do their due diligence when it comes to possible trade opportunities.

New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox
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4 White Sox players who could be Cubs trade targets this winter - #2: Yoan Moncada could be a (pricey) answer at third base

The centerpiece that came back in the Chris Sale trade with Boston, Yoan Moncada has never lived up to the hype that once surrounded him - or the heavily back-loaded five-year contract the White Sox gave him that runs through 2024.

Due $17.8 million next season and coming off a disappointing 1.2 fWAR season, finding a match in a Moncada trade could prove a challenge for new White Sox GM Chris Getz. He's either going to have to throw in some cash to get something of value in return, or settle for a deal centered around low-level, high-risk pieces in order to move payroll.

The Cubs have a massive hole to fill at third base and, much the same as Jimenez poses no long-term threat to the organization's stability, Moncada's 2025 option can be bought out for just $5 million. Moncada hasn't been an All-Star-caliber threat in four years and the Sox would be selling low. But barring a dramatic turnaround, Chicago will cut him loose at the end of 2024 to avoid paying him a $25 million salary in 2025, so getting what they can, while they can, might prove beneficial.