4 under the radar Cubs prospects to watch in the Spring Breakout Game

You all know the top prospects already, but the five guys on this list are going to greatly impact this team in one way or another and nobody is talking about them.

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The Chicago Cubs have one of the deepest farm systems in all of baseball while simultaneously having an outrageous amount of top-tier talent on top of that and that has never been more evident than when the Spring Breakout rosters were released.

The Cubs will be fielding arguably the strongest roster from top to bottom despite six of their top 15 prospects not being on the team.

If you’re on a Chicago Cubs website like this one you already know that you should be excited when Pete Crow-Armstrong, Matt Shaw, Owen Caissie, and Kevin Alcantara come to the plate or when Cade Horton takes the mound so that’s not what this piece is going to be about.

Instead, we’re going to look at some unde- the-radar players who are going to get an opportunity to shine in this showcase as well as one bonus player that we’re excited to see in next year’s game.