4 quotes Cubs fans will love to hear from the Cody Bellinger press conference

Scott Boras, Jed Hoyer and Cody Bellinger had plenty to say in this week's introductory press conference at Sloan Park in Arizona.

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs
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Scott Boras and Jed Hoyer seem to have a decent working relationship

Boras often controls the top of the free agent market and perhaps at no time has that been clearer than this winter. The game's top three unsigned free agents - Jordan Montgomery, Matt Chapman and Blake Snell - are all Boras clients, as is Bellinger.

Much has been made not only of Boras' stranglehold on the market but the Cubs' refusal to play in the deep end of the free agent pool. That combination has led to speculation that perhaps Hoyer and Boras don't have a great relationship. But that didn't appear to be the case in Wednesday's press conference.

"Jed and I talk about a lot of things in baseball all the time," said Boras. "So we have a great communication system with the Cubs."

Boras isn't going away anytime soon and given Chicago represents one of the largest media markets and the Cubs are one of most valuable sports franchises in the world, connections will continue to be drawn between the two. Knowing they have a solid working relationship at least gives some peace of mind as a new contention window opens on the North Side.