4 quotes Cubs fans will love to hear from the Cody Bellinger press conference

Scott Boras, Jed Hoyer and Cody Bellinger had plenty to say in this week's introductory press conference at Sloan Park in Arizona.

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs
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Cody Bellinger wants to experience October baseball at Wrigley Field

There's no need to re-hash what happened last September. We all know what happened: the Cubs' playoff odds came crashing down to earth after sitting north of 90% a week into September and the team missed the postseason by one game.

Bellinger hasn't forgotten that and based on his comments Wednesday, he's very motivated to finish the job and help the Cubs return to the postseason in 2024.

"We were so close last year, got banged up at the end. We fought till the very end. For me to come back here with almost the same team, to experience the playoffs in Chicago is something I wanted to do ... it's a big part of the reason I wanted to come back here."

Bellinger posted an .827 OPS down the stretch over the season's final month, hitting six home runs and a half-dozen doubles for the Cubs. But that wasn't enough, with Chicago taking things down to the final day of the season before being eliminated from postseason contention. Now, he'll get a chance to lead the team back to October baseball - something we haven't seen at Wrigley Field in a full season since 2018.