4 players who could play third for the Chicago Cubs in 2024

The Cubs need a long-term solution at third base. There are options in free agency and within the organization that the team needs to consider.
Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs
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2. Jeimer Candelerio

As I said, Candelario is only under contract through 2023, but the Cubs may want to consider keeping him around. His contract shouldn't be too crazy since he's not having a groundbreaking season, but the 29-year-old is just a solid baseball player. He plays fantastic defense at third base and can fill in at first, and this is the second year in his career that Candelario is near the top of the league in doubles (37).

Candelario has good pop (20 home runs), decent plate discipline (.340 OBP) and solid defense. He's just an all-around good player that seems to mesh with the current Cubs team. He could be a low-cost option moving forward, but there are other options.