4 players who could play third for the Chicago Cubs in 2024

The Cubs need a long-term solution at third base. There are options in free agency and within the organization that the team needs to consider.
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1. Christopher Morel

One of the greatest blunders of the year in my opinion was the fact that the Cubs were unwilling to let Christopher Morel figure out how to play third base. I understand that there are better defenders the Cubs trust more, but Morel is only 24-years-old and sticking him in the DH role seriously limits the lineup construction. He may play better at positions up the middle, but he is blocked out by guys who need to be in the lineup like Dansby Swanson, Nico Hoerner, and Cody Bellinger.

Third base was the only logical place for Morel to develop long-term, but the team instead opted to teach Nick Madrigal how to play the position and trade for Jeimer Candelario. Candelario's addition is certainly welcome, but it's weird that the Cubs did not even try to give Morel a shot at third. He certainly isn't going to get better when he's the designated hitter every day. He has the power of a third baseman and the Cubs might as well trade him if they don't want to give him a shot at a long-term spot on the field.