4 players the Chicago Cubs will regret not signing

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4 players the Chicago Cubs will regret not signing - 3. Andrew Chafin

Former Cubs fan favorite, Andrew Chafin, cracks this list as the only reliever on here the Cubs will regret missing out on. As it sits, the Cubs lack a true veteran lefty reliever in the back end of the bullpen who can help mentor Brandon Hughes. After posting two strong years in 2021 and 2022 with ERA's of 1.83 and 2.83, the stars didn't quite align for a Cubs/Chafin reunion as we wound up signing with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Instead, the Cubs opted for Michael Fulmer, inking the veteran to a one-year, $4.0M deal. In the process, they saved $2.25M, and although we all wanted to see Chafin return to the Cubs bullpen, the Cubs front office deserves the benefit of the doubt with how well they've recruited pitching recently. Nevertheless, his presence in Chicago would have been a nice dose of nostalgia for fans who recently have grown accustomed to seeing players they love not return.