4 players the Chicago Cubs should keep and 4 they should trade

Which Chicago Cubs players should be kept and which should be traded? Find out here
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4 players the Cubs should keep/trade - Kevin Alcantara (trade)

I'm leaning toward trading Kevin Alcantara for the right price if necessary. We've talked about how specific outfield prospects are blocked by major league talent, such as Ian Happ and Seiya Suzuki, for at least the next three years. If the Cubs sign Bellinger long-term, you can understand how keeping some of these guys in the system will be challenging. However, Alcantara has the potential not to be blocked as much because he is a bit further away from MLB status than the other outfield prospects in the organization.

It's feasible then that Alcantara can stay put and segue into the MLB when Happ is in the last year of his contract. In 2023, Alcantara slashed .284/.345/.466 with 13 HRs and 71 RBIs. He is still 21 and hasn't reached his full potential either. Adding a little more pop to his bat in 2024 will significantly increase his value. Still, I'd pull the trigger if an offer turns the Cubs into serious contenders this season.