4 players the Chicago Cubs should keep and 4 they should trade

Which Chicago Cubs players should be kept and which should be traded? Find out here

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4 players the Cubs should keep/trade - Alexander Canario (trade)

The first casualty of being overloaded in the outfield is Alexander Canario. If the Cubs bring back Bellinger and Pete Crow-Armstrong performs in any capacity, it's hard to envision a full-time role for Canario. Especially if the aforementioned Morel gets the lion's share of the work at DH, Canario's talent becomes wasted either on the bench or in the minor leagues when he could otherwise return viable talent for the Cubs moving forward.

One of Jed Hoyer's most challenging jobs is determining which players will hit and which will miss. Sometimes, you have to roll the dice on players you are high on and hope for the best in the pieces you're getting in return. Canario falls into that category where you wish you could keep him and give him a real shot to succeed, but trading him also helps the Cubs address other needs that must be fixed now.