4 players the Chicago Cubs should keep and 4 they should trade

Which Chicago Cubs players should be kept and which should be traded? Find out here

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With Spring Training 2024 just about a month away, the Chicago Cubs will look to finalize their offseason moves and build their roster for this coming season. Some of those moves, as we’ve seen already, will be via trade. It’s no secret the Cubs bolster one of the strongest farms in the league, and they are currently cumbersome in prospect surplus.

It's important to keep in mind that when talking about these players, it's not a knock on them to say they aren't going to be any good, but rather that they have so much value in terms of making the major league roster a success that certain moves make sense. That being said, several players have question marks regarding their future in a Cubs uniform, so here are four players the team should keep and four they should trade to fill holes and strengthen their roster.

4 players the Cubs should keep, 4 to trade - Christopher Morel (Keep)

In only two-thirds of last year's season, Christopher Morel launched 26 HRs and drove in 70 RBIs. Adjusted for a whole season, that puts him on pace for 39/105, and he would have led the team by a long shot if it happened. His 119 wRC+ was third on the team in 2023, and his .260 ISO only trailed Patrick Wisdom among players who recorded at least 200 at-bats last season.

The biggest problem moving forward is where to play Morel in 2024. Defensively, he's left much to be desired. Playing him at third base has yet to work out, and moving him over to first now is not feasible after the team traded for Michael Busch. DH looks like the best place for him, as the team now looks to be out on Rhys Hoskins. Still, Morel is only 24 years old. He is only going to get better. Keep his bat in the lineup and let him fill in in the field when needed. The Cubs will regret moving him if they do.