4 players in Asia that the Chicago Cubs could target this offseason

The Chicago Cubs have succeeded at building their team through the international market in the past, here are four guys that could help them in 2024 if they did it again.

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Jung-hoo Lee OF KBO Kiwoom Heroes

Lee is another player that will meet the requirements to be considered a Foreign Professional prior to the 2024 season and that should result in a significant amount of money flowing his way when free agency opens.

Fangraphs points out his lineage as his father was a stud player in Korea who could steal bases and hit bombs. He took the Kobe route and was the first player in KBO history to go directly from high school to the league.

There is a certain level of concern against great velocity and a high ground ball rate (which sounds problematically reminiscent of Seiya Suzuki’s April-July with the Cubs), but he had a strikeout rate last year of 5% so it’s hard not to get excited.

There are plenty of contact-oriented corner outfielders available (and the Cubs are currently employing two of them) but any players that can enter into free agency and take some of the attention away from Cody Bellinger could be beneficial for the Cubs.