4 internal options to play first base for the Chicago Cubs

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3. Edwin Rios

After having a decent Spring Training, many thought (myself included) Edwin Rios would be a main contributor to the 2023 Cubs. But he has been anything but as the team has used him in just 18 games and he's started less than half of them. Although his numbers have been horrible, a .071 batting average with 6 walks, you can't even properly assess them because of how small his sample size is. The annoying part - for Rios especially - is the fact that this has happened for his entire big league career. Prior to signing with the Cubs, Rios spent four seasons with the Dodgers where he collected just 260 at-bats.

With the question mark at first base, maybe it's time to give Rios regular playing time not at his natural third base, but at first. He periodically filled in at first base for the Dodgers over the years so he has some experience there and his lefty bat needs a true litmus test. I honestly don't see why not with all the experimenting that has already been done this year. If not, I don't know why Rios is even on this team because he could definitely start for somebody else that isn't competing.