4 internal options to play first base for the Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs v Washington Nationals
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The Chicago Cubs' lack of an everyday first baseman is starting to rear its ugly head and even cost the team wins. Of course, I am referring to Trey Mancini's costly error against the St. Louis Cardinals in game 2 of the London series. On a slow ground ball to the right side, Mancini initially tried to field the ball, but then hastily made his way to the first base bag where he attempted a bare-handed grab on a throw from Nico Hoerner. He dropped the ball which resulted in three unearned runs scoring in the inning and the Cubs wound up losing the game by 2 runs.

This isn't the first big error by Mancini, as another fielding blunder against the Pirates last week almost cost the team one of their main bullpen arms Mark Leiter Jr. The team needs a different answer at first base after also posting some of the worst offensive numbers in the league at the position. There are not many options in the trade market either (not many good ones anyway) besides maybe C.J. Cron, but he is having a down offensive year and if he struggling to hit the ball out of Coors Field then I don't think he's worth picking up. That leaves the in-house options, and here are four of them.

1. Matt Mervis

A part of me wants the Cubs to just call Matt Mervis back up and let him figure things out at the big league level. After lighting up Triple-A all last year and in the first month of 2023, Mervis got the call and seemingly walked into a brick wall at the plate. His offensive power and run production did not translate from Iowa to Chicago, and he slashed .167/.242/.289 with 3 home runs and 8 walks in 27 games. This is not exactly what anybody was hoping for Mervis but at this point, Mancini hasn't been much better.

At least with Mervis, you get good defense. The 25-year-old made more than one impressive play during his time at Wrigley so the Cubs would improve in that aspect with him on the field. But if you want to let Mervis develop for the rest of the year at Iowa, there are other options.