4 disgusting Cubs statistics that will make any fan physically ill

The Chicago Cubs are playing sloppy baseball, and these four statistics prove it in a painful way.
Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers
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4. .218 batting average with runners in scoring position (third-worst in MLB)

At the mid-point of the season, the Cubs find themselves only ahead of the Oakland Athletics and Chicago White Sox in batting average with runners in scoring position.

Those two teams have a combined 53 victories, which is the same as the Yankees and less than the Phillies. This means the Cubs are about as good at scoring runs as two of the worst teams in baseball, even though their payroll is roughly that of both of those teams combined. Suffice to say the roster has underperformed dramatically in this department.

This lack of hitting and driving runs in has contributed to the fact that the Cubs lead the Majors in games decided by one run, and they've lost 19 of them. The amount of times this team has had a convincing offensive outburst is too few and too far between to sustain a winning record, let alone a playoff appearance.