4 disgusting Cubs statistics that will make any fan physically ill

The Chicago Cubs are playing sloppy baseball, and these four statistics prove it in a painful way.
Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers
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2. Defense checks in at -4 outs above average (11th in MLB)

Speaking of defense, the Cubs are also in the bottom third of the league in team outs above average, an all-encompassing defensive statistic that serves as a solid benchmark for how the team is playing the field. Being negative in this stat is bad, but looks worse when you take into account that this team has four starting players who have taken home Gold Glove awards with others like Michael Busch and Pete Crow-Armstrong more than capable defenders.

The main culprits contributing to the poor mark are Christopher Morel and Seiya Suzuki. Morel, in particular, has been dreadful at the hot corner, and he is currently ranked the worst-qualified third baseman with -8 outs above average and eight errors on the season. Although his defense seems to be improving as time goes on, learning on the fly is not ideal for the overall performance of the team.

It begs the question of where Morel's defensive skills would be had former manager David Ross stuck him there last year instead of making him the designated hitter. I don't blame Morel because he only got everyday looks at the position after Craig Counsell came in. Hopefully this year turns out to be a good thing in the long run and Morel can develop into a plus contributor in the future.

Suzuki, on the other hand, is a different story. For a guy who won five Gold Glove awards in the Nippon Professional League in Japan, I'd expect better than -3 outs above average which puts Suzuki at 38/46 right fielders this year. This is currently the worst year defensively Suzuki has had in MLB, which is particularly disappointing considering he hasn't even turned 30 yet.