4 Chicago Cubs who could sneak onto the 40-man roster by Opening Day

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This spring will be particularly interesting for the Chicago Cubs due to the number of signings the team has made this winter, both of the major and minor league variety. One thing is for sure, there likely will be movement throughout the team's 40-man roster as there may be a breakout performance or two during Spring Training games.

Looking at the players that are not currently on the 40-man roster, some of the names will be familiar, and there are new guys that we should get to know rather quickly. If they don't break camp with the main roster, we should at least see them on it at some point this season. Regardless, these four players have the best chance to sneak on the 40-man roster by Opening Day.

Manuel Rodriguez
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4 Chicago Cubs who could sneak onto the 40-man roster by Opening Day - Manuel Rodriguez

When the Cubs claimed Julian Merryweather from the Blue Jays, Manuel Rodriguez was DFAed off the 40-man roster, cleared waivers, and was outrighted to the minor leagues by the Cubs. The Cubs view Merryweather as one of those guys they can fix and unlock something in. Otherwise, DFAing a guy in Rodriguez who recorded a 3.29 ERA in 13.2 innings pitched for a guy in Merryweather who is five years older and recorded a 6.75 ERA in 26.2 deserves clarification.

Last season, Rodriguez dealt with an elbow strain that landed him on the 60-day IL, and it wasn't until late August that he saw time in the MLB. That's why, given the small sample, you still like what you saw from him to close out the season. If the Cubs can't turn Merryweather around, It's easy to envision a scenario where he is cut, and Rodriguez is brought back into the fold, assuming he has a solid Spring Training.