4 Chicago Cubs players that will be gone after the 2024 season

Predicting four players who won't be around in a Chicago Cubs uniform past the 2024 season based on roster moves and contracts.

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4 Cubs players who will be gone after 2024 - Yan Gomes

As solid as Yan Gomes has been in his two years with the Cubs, especially in 2023, I don't believe he will be extended after the 2024 season concludes. With Miguel Amaya looking to take the reigns this season and multiple catching prospects near the MLB status, Moises Ballesteros could be ready by the start of 2025 as a backup option if he continues to excel. My money is on Ballesteros doing well this year after slashing 285/.374/.449 across three levels in 2023.

If Gomes has another good year at the plate in 2024, it will benefit the team, so they don't have to fast-track the 20-year-old Ballesteros. In that case, we will have to wait and see if he is brought back on a one-year deal for 2025. Still, Gomes is entering his age 37 season, and although he is a fine game-caller, the Cubs can afford to get younger behind the plate. His projected slash for 2024 is .252/.298/.400 of 91 contests.