4 Chicago Cubs deserving of a 2023 All Star spot in Seattle

Chicago Cubs v Philadelphia Phillies
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Dansby Swanson, Shortstop

There are 177 million reasons Dansby Swanson should be earning a spot on the all-star roster. Swanson was the Cubs' big splash in free agency when he signed his 7-year deal last December. Currently, Swanson is second among N.L. shortstops in OPS (.783), third in slugging (.409), and in average (.267). Swanson is also the leader for on-base percentage Although it's not quite his 2022 campaign, Swanson continues to hold his own at short.

Let's face it, talent finds its way onto the all-star rosters, but it's also a little bit of a popularity contest. Every season, there are questionable additions to the roster. Fans consistently point out snubs left on the outside looking in. Let's be honest, Swanson may be one of these "big names" who find his way into the Midsummer Classic.

He is one of the most well-known shortstops, not just in the N.L., but in the entire MLB. Because of this, names like Francisco Lindor in New York may pose a threat to Swanson playing in Seattle. Brewers Willy Adames is also playing well with his glove.