3 ways the Chicago Cubs could screw up the MLB trade deadline

Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer has some serious decisions to make at this year's trade deadline and here are three ways he could screw it all up

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2. Trading Cody Bellinger

While moving Stroman makes all the sense in the world, trading Cody Bellinger does not. For one, there is a serious lack of professional bats not only on the Cubs' major league roster but also the system as a whole. Even though Bellinger will also probably opt out of his mutual option for 2024, keeping him for the next two years could be the difference between the Cubs keeping him and seeing him walk out the door this winter. It certainly seems like Bellinger likes to play at Wrigley Field. Every time he cranks a home run, you can see the fan-energy surge through him and instantly put a smile on his face.

Bellinger is also the hottest hitter in the last month, seeing one of the best stretches of his career with 6 home runs, 19 RBIs, and a .457 batting average. The 28-year-old also owns a .319/.369/.549 slash line on the year. Bellinger hasn't seen this kind of consistent production in years and something seems to have been unlocked in the guy since coming to the Cubs. Trading him would put a bad taste in everyone's mouth and make it very unlikely for him to come back in free agency.

Although Bellinger's agent Scott Boras is notoriously stingy when it comes to extensions in the middle of the season, the Cubs can at least attempt to circumvent this by keeping Bellinger on the team through the season and floating an offer that would entice the man. Even if it comes to a free-agent negotiation, the Cubs need to be all-in and do whatever it takes to keep Bellinger at Wrigley Field. Left-handed power has been hard to come by for the Cubs and Bellinger provides that and so much more. Trading him would be a foolish mistake.