3 ways Cubs Convention could be improved heading into next year's event

Cubs Convention marks the unofficial start of baseball season for many fans; but there are a few ways the event could be improved before the 2025 iteration takes place.
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3 ways Cubs Convention could be improved: #2 - Bring back the vendors after years of downsizing this space

When I first started going to Cubs Convention back in 2018, the lower level of the Sheraton had rows and rows of vendors - offering up all sorts of Cubs memorabilia, artwork and collectibles. To be frank, it was one of my absolute favorite parts of the event and I was able to get some of my most precious pieces in my collection there.

But coming out of the pandemic, the Cubs gutted this space - offering a Cubs Store, Cubs Authentics and a handful of hand-picked partners. This year, the largest non-official Cubs retail space belonged to Obvious Shirts (which offered an amazing array of apparel items and more, several of which I purchased), but outside of that it was a very meager offering.

This is the largest wintertime gathering of Cubs fans there is. Give re-sellers and collectors a chance to bolster their collections, find unique pieces to add to their fan caves and have those great conversations that come in the process. It really added something to the Cubs Con experience and I definitely found the shopping experience to be lacking in 2024.