3 way too early Chicago Cubs targets at the trade deadline

These three potential Cubs targets are as good as gone if their team isn't winning at the trade deadline.

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3 trade candidates - 1. Kenley Jansen

In an extremely competitive AL East, an uneventful free agency for Boston made the Red Sox’ aspirations of returning to the top of the Division even more unlikely. Their biggest acquisition, Lucas Giolito, is already out for the season after receiving elbow surgery. Therefore, it’s likely that players on expiring contracts will be moved, assuming the team is not competing at the deadline. If that holds true, the Cubs may come calling to bolster their bullpen in the form of future Hall of Fame reliever Kenley Jansen.

Jansen is a five-time All-Star with a 2.52 career ERA. A long-tenured closer for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Janses has put up solid numbers throughout his 14-year career, and unless he completely unravels in 2024, will be an interesting trade target for a team like Chicago that will likely be looking for veteran rotation and/or bullpen help this summer. Jansen is owed 16.0M for 2024, so the Cubs could theoretically acquire him if they bite the bullet and go over the luxury tax, which needs to be the plan if the team is competing at the deadline.

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