3 way too early 2025 free agent targets for the Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs will have more payroll flexibility after this season, potentially allowing them to make a run at some top-tier free agents next offseason

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3. OF Juan Soto

This is definitely the most unrealistic option, but one that would arguably have the best chance of paying off. No matter who gives Juan Soto his next contract, which will be a mega-deal worthy of the record books, there's little doubt that his employer will be happy because he has proven to produce at the highest level year after year.

Soto will only be 26 when he hits free agency, but he will have seven MLB seasons under his belt at that time and truly remarkable career numbers. In 2704 career at-bats, Soto has a slash line of .284/.421/.524, an OPS+ of 157 (average is 100), and 160 home runs. He is simply one of the best hitters in baseball today and he will get paid like it very shortly.

Unfortunately for the Cubs, there will be a lot of suitors for Soto's elite talents and he is a client of the infamous Scott Boras. But if you're going to break the bank for someone, it may as well be Soto because he's the closest thing to a guarantee you can get in this league.

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