3 trade ideas with the Guardians that could make the Chicago Cubs Contenders

The Chicago Cubs are a playoff team right now. If they made any of the trades on this list they'd be a legitimate World Series contender.

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The Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Guardians are seemingly going opposite directions which is what has allowed for the rumors to swirl that the Guardians would consider dealing not only a Cy Young-winning pitcher in Shane Bieber but also the closer with the most saves in baseball in each of the last two seasons.

Beyond that, the Guardians have one last piece that could allow for some one-stop shopping between the two teams that met in the 2016 World Series but it could come with a pretty lofty price tag.

In this piece, we’re going to dive into three trades that are long shots to actually happen but might leave both sides walking away from the table with a feeling of having paid a steep but fair price for the players that they covet in return.

Let’s start with a trade that is reasonable and that has been rumored from both sides: