3 things the Cubs are missing to be a serious World Series threat

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3 things Cubs are missing to be a serious World Series threat - #1: A can't-miss prospect with true superstar potential

I know, I know. There's no such thing as a 'can't-miss' prospect these days. But there are still prospects you feel awfully certain will leave a lasting mark on your big league club (Kris Bryant back in the day, for example) and, right now, the Cubs lack that in the farm system.

Chicago's prospect mix features a ton of potential - and the system, as a whole, is in a much stronger position than it was two years ago. Pete Crow-Armstrong headlines the bunch and has all the makings of a future Gold Glove center fielder, potentially even an All-Star. What the Cubs' system lacks in blue-chip talent, it makes up for in depth, to be sure, but having that next superstar making his way through the system would completely change the vibe surrounding this club.

Brennen Davis could wind up being an impact bat, but after serious back issues cost him his 2022 campaign, it's very much a wait-and-see approach with the young outfielder. Guys like Kevin Alcantara and Alexander Canario have some wildly impressive tools and, again, could be something big - but there's not a single guy in the system who you feel is going to have that MVP-level performance, at least not in the short-term.

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Again, I love what Hoyer and Carter Hawkins have done with the farm system. There aren't words to describe how much healthier the organization is after these two re-tooled things from top to bottom. But, at least right now, there's not that big-time superstar on the cusp of breaking onto the scene name in its ranks.