3 teams who could swipe Cody Bellinger from the Cubs in free agency

Examining three teams in need of a key bat who may come in and swipe Cody Bellinger away from the Chicago Cubs in free agency this winter.

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers
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3 Teams who could swipe Bellinger in free agency - 1. New York Yankees

Last but certainly not least, the New York Yankees are definitely in play for Bellinger this winter. If one team has an edge over the Cubs, it's the Yanks. Nearly trade partners at the deadline in 2023, the Cubs held off on moving Bellinger as the team's hot streak at the perfect time prompted Jed Hoyer to push for a postseason appearance as opposed to the accustomed fire sale we had gotten to know and hate the last two seasons prior.

Bellinger fits in pinstripes. The short porch in right field was made for him. It will be hard for the Cubs to outbid New York if NY has missed out on other key targets and if the Cubs have already spent big money to that point. Kevin Cashman will drool over the thought of an outfield of Aaron Judge, Cody Bellinger, and Jasson Dominguez. Hopefully, Bellinger winds up where he belongs. The Northside of Chicago, hitting tanks out to right center on a nightly basis.

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