3 teams who could swipe Cody Bellinger from the Cubs in free agency

Examining three teams in need of a key bat who may come in and swipe Cody Bellinger away from the Chicago Cubs in free agency this winter.

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers
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With free agency underway, The Chicago Cubs are hot after Shohei Ohtani and several starting pitchers in the trade market. With all the attention on those two things now, let's remember that a core piece of their team in 2023 is a free agent. If Cody Bellinger is not re-signed this winter, his bat must be replaced in the lineup. Of course, Bellinger isn't expected to sign a deal soon, but when he does, what team will give the Cubs the biggest run for their money? Let's look at three ballclubs that could come in and swipe Bellinger away from the Cubs in free agency.

3 Teams who could swipe Bellinger in free agency - 3. Los Angeles Dodgers

Starting first is the very team that Gave Bellinger his initial start. Due to a couple of down seasons in a row, the Dodgers non-tendered Belli a year ago, leading to his eventual landing in Chicago, where he had a fantastic comeback season. L.A. had an eerily quiet offseason last year, which led many to speculate they would be involved in the Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes. As it turned out, to no one's surprise, the Dodgers are currently the favorite to land Ohtani.

That being said, should the team miss out on Ohtani, expect them to pursue every single top name they can get their hands on this winter. They need veteran pitching, and outside of Mookie Betts and James Outman, they could use another highly efficient outfielder. There has yet to be any smoke regarding the Dodgers and Bellinger, but don't rule out a reunion should L.A. find itself with money to burn after missing on Ohtani.