3 surprising trade targets who could transform the Cubs 2024 roster

Craig Counsell is going to need talent on his new team so here are 3 guys the Cubs may target this offseason

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3. Pete Alonso

Clearly, the Cubs need a first baseman and who better than the guy who cranks 40+ home runs a season. Pete Alonso is another premiere bat that would make the Cubs scary. Imagine how many home runs Nico Hoerner would be along the ride for with Alonso batting cleanup. Oh, it sounds so sweet.

The thing is, similar to Soto, Alonso is only under contract through the 2024 season before hitting free agency. If you swing a deal like this, the Cubs will have to get assurance that a long-term extension is wanted on the other side. Alonso will get paid by someone and the Cubs would be wise to reach even deeper into that Rickets cash to get a guy like this because the need for power in this lineup has been a constant for years at this point and you don't want Alonso going to a rival team like the Reds or Cardinals.

You would also need to be willing to part with top-tier prospects to get this trade done along with someone like Morel or Happ. Again, Alonso is a guy that I'd be comfortable with the Cubs sacrificing talent for with the amount of power he displays. And hopefully with the addition of Counsell, guys like Alonso and Soto would be willing to sign long-term deals with Chicago, especially with an established core of Hoerner, Dansby Swanson, Seiya Suzuki (and hopefully Cody Bellinger) in place.

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