3 struggling Cubs players who need to get it together soon

There are some players struggling out of the gate for the Chicago Cubs, contributing to a couple of frustrating losses that could have reversed the outcome two series'
Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs
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3. Cody Bellinger

I have little doubt that Cody Bellinger will turn things around at some point, It would just be nice to see that happen sooner rather than later. The center fielder is sporting an ugly .563 OPS and a 46 wRC+. Those are pretty abysmal numbers for the reigning NL comeback player of the year.

We are less than a month into the season so Bellinger's performance is nothing to riot over yet. The guy is fresh off securing a $30 million paycheck for the 2024 season and he thrived in the summer months last year. The best is yet to come folks. In the meantime, maybe Counsell should think about moving Bellinger down in the batting order just to see if a shake-up will break him out of this funk.