3 struggling Cubs players who need to get it together soon

There are some players struggling out of the gate for the Chicago Cubs, contributing to a couple of frustrating losses that could have reversed the outcome two series'
Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs
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2. Hector Neris

The Chicago Cubs brought in reliever Hector Neris to stabilize the back end of the bullpen. Unfortunately, he hasn't lived up to the $9 million paycheck the front office cut him over the winter. In Neris' first five appearances out of the bullpen so far, he has failed to get through an inning without either surrendering a walk, hit, or an earned run.

Perhaps the most dreadful appearance was on Sunday against the Seattle Mariners, where Neris came in and walked three batters with a one-run lead. Although he was able to escape without surrendering a run, it was because of a heroic double play by shortstop Dansby Swanson. Although Neris did his job by inducing a groundball, there was a high likelihood of the Mariners tying the game with the bases loaded and one out.

The bottom line is that Neris needs to be better. He's getting paid to be the team's primary set-up man and he isn't living up to the assignment. He has more walks (6) than innings pitched (5) and a 5.40 ERA. There's still time, but things need to improve especially with Julian Merryweather sidelined for at least the next month.