3 remaining free agents that the Cubs can still target

With Shohei Ohtani off the board, the Chicago Cubs must now pivot to plan B. Here are the best free agents the team can still target.

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3 free agents to target - 2. Blake Snell

Blake Snell is fresh off his second Cy Young award and is a hot commodity for any big market club this winter. In 2023, he finished with a league-leading 2.25 ERA over 180 IP and 234 Ks. Snell will also command a hefty price, but his 3.02 ERA since 2018 makes him a safe bet in the starting rotation. Entering his age 31 season, he should still have enough life on his arm to be a viable member of any team making a push moving forward.

Of course, the Cubs are looking at trading Tampa Bay for ace Tyler Glasnow. However, multiple teams are in on him, and the Cubs must be ready to pivot on every plan they have. One year of Tyler Glasnow saves you money moving forward, but his injury history is concerning. Realistically, the Cubs need two top-of-the-line starters to pair with Justin Steele to be considered serious contenders, and targetting Snell, regardless of the Glasnow move, who again would be off the books a year later, is a great way to get a step ahead for next years free agency.