3 reasons why the Chicago Cubs will not win the World Series

The Chicago Cubs are on the precipice of their first playoff birth since 2020, but there are serious obstacle that are blocking them from another championship.
Chicago White Sox v Chicago Cubs
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2. David Ross's weird lineups

While manager David Ross should be commended for fostering a winning environment, I can't help but wonder how many games they could have won if Ross didn't insist on playing so many underperforming players. It wasn't until the front office took away players like Eric Hosmer, Trey Mancini, and Miles Mastrobuoni that Ross stopped putting them in the lineup consistently. Even now, when every game matters and the Cubs are trying to claw their way to a playoff spot, Ross gives us head-scratching lineups.

When his team had a chance to sweep the Blue Jays last Sunday, he turned in a lineup card that featured Patrick Wisdom starting at first base and Nick Madrigal at third while Mike Tauchman and Jeimer Candelario rode the bench. Not to mention there was an off day the following day. This idea of spreading the at-bats around to the bench guys is something that is contributing to the team's losses and it needs to stop immediately. The Cubs need every win they can get and that means putting the best players in the lineup to start every day. If that means starting Mike Tauchman against a left-handed pitcher, for the sake of winning please do it.