3 reasons why the Chicago Cubs can still contend in 2025

This isn't 2021. The Chicago Cubs still have their eye on competing in the immediate future.
Los Angeles Angels v Chicago Cubs
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As we approach the MLB Trade Deadline, the Chicago Cubs are shrouded in rumors of selling, with names even being mentioned of who could be on the move. I am highly pessimistic that the Cubs will make the type of moves being suggested. They would love to get Cody Bellinger's contract off the books if he is not going to compete at an All-Star level, but critical pieces such as Nico Hoerner being sent out don't make sense.

The Cubs don't need to enter another full-scale rebuild. They are close to contention. Don't confuse disappointing this year with disappointing in 2021 when it was apparent the rebuild was coming. This team is being constructed slower than we wish, but they are still building up to contention, and selling valuable assets for more prospects that may or may not pan out is just not conducive at this stage of the game. The Cubs are almost there, and here are three reasons why the team will contend in 2025.

3 reasons the Cubs will contend in 2025 - 3. More prospects are coming

It's easy to overlook what the younger players on the team are accomplishing, given the team's overall record, but the Cubs' prospects are panning out at the major league level. Especially on the pitching side, where homegrown talents Justin Steele and Javier Assad are already performing at an elite level, the younger arms have a high ceiling. Porter Hodge and Luke Little have done very well so far, and Hunter Bigge has now come up to show what he is made of.

The team also has Cade Horton and other prospects who will continue supplementing the pitching staff. Top 100 prospects Matt Shaw and Owen Caissie are close on the hitting side. James Triantos and Moises Ballesteros are other names we will keep a close eye on. The Cubs' farm is deep and spilling over to the highest level. That trend will continue as time goes on. Undoubtedly, there's a lot of exciting talent on the way to Chicago.