3 reasons the Cubs should not pick up Madison Bumgarner

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3 reasons Madison Bumgarner doesn't make sense for the Cubs: Bumgarner is a bit of a hot head with a heated history

It's no secret Bumgarner is not exactly the nicest guy in the baseball world. In fact, if you are facing him in the batter's box, there's a decent chance he will curse you out even if you don't deserve it.

This attitude has put Bumgarner in the middle of many a benches-clearing moment, and the Cubs simply do not need that in the clubhouse right now. It seems like the team has good chemistry under David Ross and his coaching staff, and a guy like Bumgarner would throw a wrench in what they've built.

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Bumgarner's inflammatory style of baseball, along with his shaky track record in recent years, would serve well on a team that is not competing right now. I would theorize he ends up landing in a spot like the Kansas City Royals or the Cincinnati Reds - maybe he reunites with his former manager, Bruce Bochy, in Texas.