3 reasons the Cubs should avoid signing Blake Snell

Blake Snell's attraction is high right now, but the Cubs need a starting pitcher with a more reliable track record than him
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2. He's only had two great seasons

Another reason to avoid Snell is the fact that he has two great seasons under his belt. Has he had good seasons? Sure. And when he's good, is he elite? You bet and he has two Cy Young awards to prove it. But those seasons are few and far between. Snell has eight big league campaigns under his belt and just two of them are what I would consider elite, 2023 and his AL Cy Young year with the Rays in 2018 where he pitched to a 1.89 ERA with 221 strikeouts.

Those are good numbers, but I'm not convinced that Snell can produce at that level or even close to it over a long-term contract. If he's looking for five to seven years and only pitches one of them to Cy Young's contending caliber, I'd consider that a failure for the amount of money the Cubs would have to give him. I'm not saying he needs to win a Cy Young award for his upcoming contract to work, but I do want to see the Cubs bring in someone with more consistency than Snell.