3 players who have to step up if the Cubs are going to save their season

The team keeps talking about turning the corner on its losing ways, but it'll take action - not words - to get things back on track.
Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds
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Cubs need Ian Happ to be a run producer - and he hasn't been in 2024

On the heels of a career-best 84 RBI in 2023, Ian Happ entered this season with some high expectations as a switch-hitting middle-of-the-order bat. But rather than exceed, or even meet them, the former first-rounder has seen his power wane in a big way.

Happ entered Monday with a .384 slugging percentage which would, by far, be the worst single-season mark of his career. His OPS is down more than 70 points from his career average and that lack of pop has really hurt a Cubs offense desperate for slug. Chicago came out of the weekend with a .364 team slugging percentage, which ranks 25th in baseball - down from 11th (.421) a year ago.

Now, by no means is Happ the lone person to blame here. Like I said, there's been a team-wide power outage that's curtailed the Cubs' ability to hang crooked numbers. They're having to scratch and claw for one run here, another there. When he's at his best, Happ can be an above-average run producer. But what we've seen so far has been anything but his best.