3 players the Cubs will wish they had acquired this offseason

The Chicago Cubs missed out on signing these three players in the offseason. Find out who they are and why they will regret it.

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3 players the cubs will regret not signing - 2. Justin Turner

Given that the Cubs traded for Michael Busch and are looking to utilize him as an everyday first baseman, missing out on Justin Turner may not hurt as much. Still, Turner is a viable DH option, and those types have primarily gone overlooked due to the Cubs honing in on a position player more than anything else, regardless of what that DH may bring to the table. Turner brings offensive production and stabilization to a lineup without its best bat from a season ago.

Although I'll always low-key despise Turner for hitting a walk-off home run against the Cubs in the 2017 NLCS, the fact is that the man has always been able to hit flat-out. Last year, he slashed .276/.345/.455 with 23 HRs and 96 RBIs at age 38. If the Cubs wind up not signing Bellinger, J.D. Martinez, or Matt Chapman, Turner will be looked at as one of the bats they should have at least acquired this winter.