3 players Cubs fans should keep an eye on in the MLB Draft

Any of these three take the Cubs farm system from fantastic to elite.
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2. Kash Mayfield, LHP

If the Cubs elect to take a pitcher in the first round, the best available will be Kash Mayfield, a southpaw from Elk City, OK. In no order, the four pitchers that may be available outside the top 10 are Trey Yesavage, Cam Caminiti, Hagen Smith, and Mayfield. The Boston Red Sox are likely targeting an arm with the 12th overall pick. The Seattle Mariners are also, but thankfully, the Cubs are one spot ahead of Seattle in the draft order.

I can see a scenario where Yesavage, Caminiti, and Smith go ahead of Mayfield. Therefore, the Cubs would be left with the obvious answer of selecting Mayfield if they indeed go with an arm themselves. Mayfield has a fastball that has topped out around 97 mph this year, and it's foreseeable that he can add to that as he is still just 19 years old. Though he is still in high school, his value and untapped potential are sky-high.

Another reason he will likely be the one available to the Cubs is the lack of data on him at such a young age. However, a quote from his page over at MLB.com states that he has similarities to Jordan Wicks, and if that's the case, in the eyes of Jed Hoyer, you know he likely likes what he sees. Still, if the heavily data-reliant Cubs aren't sold, they will probably take a hitter in this spot if the aforementioned pitchers have been selected already.