3 overreactions to the first week of the Chicago Cubs 2024 season

What is the first week of the MLB season without some overreactions.
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
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2 - Drew Smyly should be waived.

It was a less-than-ideal start to the season for Drew Smyly as he was the deciding pitcher in the Chicago Cubs' Opening Day loss to the Texas Rangers in extra innings.

While we're on that loss, let's remember that Smyly was one of three relievers that were not used in that game as the only other options that Craig Counsell had were Jose Cuas or Luke Little. Sure, Little could have been the move but Smyly had succeeded last season as a relief pitcher and deserved the benefit of the doubt.

That is also the reason why the Cubs are not going to waive Smyly and put themselves in a position where they have to eat the remaining money on his contract. Smyly pitched two scoreless innings against the Colorado Rockies on Monday and as long as he is used in a hybrid role, he has value to the Cubs' pitching staff.