3 missed free agent targets that will haunt the Chicago Cubs

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Michael Conforto
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3 missed targets - 1. Michael Conforto

Conforto was a free-agent target later in the offseason that they missed on as well. Knowing it would have taken a two-year deal, which he received from the San Francisco Giants, was something the Cubs front office likely didn't want to gamble on without knowing how well Conforto's shoulder would allow him to play. Given that the Cubs are looking to compete as soon as this year, they wanted to avoid taking on extra years and being locked into deals on underperformers when that money could be spent elsewhere next winter.

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Though the Cubs were in a somewhat tricky situation this winter, looking to bridge gaps until their prospects are ready with shorter-term deals, they still needed a lefty power bat. They wound up without one altogether this winter. Cody Bellinger's status of if he can genuinely contribute this season is too much of a question mark to assume he can be the guy. Conforto's ability to hit 30 HRs when healthy is something the Cubs desperately need from the left side of the plate. They will now have to wait until the trade deadline or next winter to find that piece.