3 long shots to make the Chicago Cubs Opening Day roster

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With Spring Training around the corner, It's time to start analyzing potential roster moves for the Chicago Cubs as we head into the 2023 campaign. Of course, we'll have a much better idea of those moves once we see how certain players are looking. Therefore, we can consider this a preliminary list of sorts, with some names that we should keep an eye on based both on this winter's moves in free agency and overall how players are trending.

For the Cubs, it will be all about a balance of not pushing guys too hard while also being confident in a player's ability if they appear ready and not holding them back if they can contribute. In the last year and a half, the Cubs have had the luxury of knowing they weren't going to be competitive, so players got extended looks and chances to shine. This season, if the Cubs want to compete, they can ill-afford to lose games while trying to let guys figure it out. There will be a much tighter window for prospects to get the call this year. Expect these three players to be left off the Opening Day Roster, unless they absolutely go nuts in Spring Training:

Brennen Davis
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3 long shots for Opening Day - 3. Brennen Davis

Brennen Davis has been looking good in Arizona, with video of his hitting and launching home runs already. Still, Davis' 2022 was a complete wash, and he will need time to ramp up fully at Iowa unless he crushes in Spring Training. When healthy, Davis is an exceptional talent that routinely cracks MLB's top 100 prospect lists. Still, getting back to full health and into a rhythm will be essential for Davis' everyday playing time.

Had he not gotten hurt last season, we'd probably be talking about him as an integral part of the Cubs' 26-man roster. Now, with a crowded outfield of Ian Happ, Cody Bellinger, and Seiya Suzuki, the front office will more than likely take their time with Davis to ensure he's both healthy and ready to compete at the major league level where the Cubs are looking to make some noise in 2023. Should he crush at Iowa, however, it won't be long before he is on the main roster.