3 immediate roster moves the Chicago Cubs must make to turn things around

The Cubs need to make some changes before the season falls out from under them.
Chicago Cubs v Atlanta Braves
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The Chicago Cubs have played nearly one-third of their season as the calendar prepares to flip to June. They currently sit at 28-28, an unfortunate drop-off from the beginning of the month when they were seven games above .500. It's a long season, and ups and downs are regular.

Injuries and, more importantly, underperforming players have sent the team into a bit of a tailspin lately, and it's clear reinforcements are needed. These are three roster moves the Cubs must make immediately to get things back on track.

The elephant in the room continues to be Kyle Hendricks' future

As admirable as the loyalty the organization has shown to Kyle Hendricks is, the harsh truth is that keeping him around and continuing to trot him out there has hurt this club. The lone remnant from that unforgettable 2016 Cubs team had a resurgent campaign last season, with a 3.74 ERA after posting 4.77 and 4.80 marks the two years prior.

It was too soon to hit the panic button a month-and-a-half ago. Now, we're slamming the button, but it appears broken. For perspective, in his last 5.2 innings pitched since being converted to a reliever, Hendricks has given up five earned runs. The sad part is that in doing so, he actually lowered his ERA from 10.47 to 10.16.

The only thing the Cubs can do is put him out to pasture and move on. The depth and quality in the rotation, paired with Hendricks' struggles force him out of the picture there. His stuff hasn't played in the bullpen either. We're at the end of the road - it's as simple as that.