3 glaring red flags that need addressed before the Cubs can be serious contenders

This is a deeply flawed roster and until that fact changes, this team can't contend for a title.
Los Angeles Angels v Chicago Cubs
Los Angeles Angels v Chicago Cubs / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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It's time for the Cubs to act like the big-market team they actually are

Last week offered the perfect juxtaposition of what a large market team can and should look like and what happens when you're focused on piecing together rosters without having serious star power. The Philadelphia Phillies, with the help of former Cub Kyle Schwarber, have established themselves as an annual postseason threat thanks to the work of a front office that embraces the high-risk game that is free agency.

Meanwhile, the Cubs are a team without a true star. Cody Bellinger is the closest thing to it and, without the power element of his game, he's far from a Bryce Harper-level presence, despite making roughly the same amount of money this year.

I'm tired of this value-obsessed approach. This franchise has the means and the ability to land any player it so chooses and needs to embrace that fact, rather than settling for always being the bridesmaid instead of the bride.

You want Soto in Cubbie blue? Go get it done. Corbin Burnes atop the rotation? Get out the checkbook. Cubs fans shouldn't have to settle for anything less - and suggesting it's smart to avoid these types of deals is foolish and will prevent the team from being legitimate contenders.