3 glaring red flags that need addressed before the Cubs can be serious contenders

This is a deeply flawed roster and until that fact changes, this team can't contend for a title.
Los Angeles Angels v Chicago Cubs
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Hoyer has to pony up the dollars needed for proven relief arms

During both the Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer tenures, the Chicago Cubs have hit on a high number of reclamation projects and cast-offs from other organizations in their bullpen building. That can continue to be part of the approach, but it can't be the only way you go about assembling a relief corps.

Blown saves alone crippled the Cubs' playoff hopes over the last two months, with Adbert Alzolay eventually losing the ninth-inning job and veteran Hector Neris proving shaky, even when he manages to get the job done. Chicago hasn't had the necessary firepower at the back end in some time - and even when they've had capable arms in recent years, they've wound up trading them at the deadline.

Maybe one of the team's up-and-coming pitching prospects proves to be the answer in the ninth. Ben Brown certainly has the stuff, but has also excelled as a starter. But what this team needs is for the front office to seriously allocate funds to build out the back of the bullpen - and I don't mean looking to 35-year-old veterans like Neris whose best days are clearly behind them.