3 early trade targets the Chicago Cubs should keep an eye on

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2. LHP Aroldis Chapman

Who doesn't like a little reunion? Former Cubs closer Aroldis Chapman has reemerged as a lockdown guy in his first month with the Kansas City Royals. In 11 outings this year, Chapman has a 1.74 ERA an 19 strikeouts over 10 innings. Perhaps most importantly, Chapman's velocity seems to have returned to his usual triple-digit level. He is showing signs of his former power pitching levels and the Cubs should consider giving the Royals a prospect or two to bring Champman back to Chicago.

In the final year of his contract with the Yankees, 2022 was the worst year Chapman had in a long time with a 4.46 ERA in 36 innings. In fact, this was the first time in his career he had an ERA over 4, and his performance resulted in the Yankees moving on from him. However, Chapman was also plagued by multiple injuries last year which definitely impacted his numbers. The Royals gave him a one-year deal worth $3,750,000, so the Cubs will not have to give up much since Chapman will be a rental. The Royals will most definitely not be competitive since they haven't even won their 10th game yet (7-22 record at the time of this writing). Chapman helped bring a World Series championship to Chicago before, perhaps he will be willing to return to the city he won a ring with.