3 early trade destinations for Chicago Cubs ace Marcus Stroman

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3 trade destinations for Marcus Stroman - Los Angeles Dodgers

Always with a flourishing farm system, the high payroll and prospect-a-plenty Los Angeles Dodgers organization has the team looking like a strong playoff contender year in and year out. Much like Philadelphia, however, the Dodgers are currently experiencing something they rarely do, and that's a need for more quality starting pitching. With a collective rotation ERA of 4.58, the Dodgers currently sit middle of the pack in 8th out of 15 in the NL. For reference, the Dodgers have had the best starting rotation in the National League every year since 2017. For most of those years, they have led all of MLB in starting pitching ERA.

The general thought is that LA's lackluster offseason this past winter is an indication that the team will be making a solid push for Shohei Ohtani and, therefore, may have been reserving funds to do so. In the meantime, the Dodgers need an arm that can routinely earn them quality starts. With the San Diego Padres underperforming and already having depleted the core of their farm last season for Juan Soto, expect the Dodgers to make a strong play for a rental at the deadline. Stroman fits their need perfectly, especially since they have one of the best farm systems in baseball which currently boasts an incredible seven top 100 prospects, according to MLB Pipeline.