3 early red flags for the Chicago Cubs entering the 2023 season

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3 red flags for the Cubs' 2023 season- potential but not expected

One thing to point out is that the Cubs have many guys in the lineup or bullpen who "could" be fantastic. as stated with the bullpen, they do not have a surefire closer, and instead of currently relying on one lefty in Brandon Hughes to be sufficient—hoping that one of the three LHP on minor-league deals is not a safe bet, could also prove detrimental as the season rolls on. Elsewhere, Cody Bellinger, a former MVP, needs to find his swing to be considered a serious weapon for the Cubs next season. Again, potential, but hard to be confident in.

Matt Mervis, another high-potential bat, is unproven so far, and there's no way to know if he'll be conducive to the Cubs. Like many others before him, he is not someone who can place a safe bet on and assume they'll produce. Of course, if Bellinger and Mervis do well, it will give the Cubs one of the better lineups in the National League. It is problematic that the front office is slightly relying on the chance that those things should happen.

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However, they also can't necessarily be held accountable either. They made a good push for specific players, like Jose Abreu, for example. Pulling off a trade for a hitter this winter is never off the table and is a great way to further rocket the team up the MLB power rankings. Nevertheless, uncertainty is not the best way to start a season as it sits. The dividends will be massive if paid off, though.